Gay Byrne launches New Brochure and App for Donegal – Picture Special

The launch of a brand new tourism brochure, highlighting all that Donegal has to offer, was launched on Thursday 12 March by none other than Mr. Gay Byrne in the magnificent setting of Glenveagh Castle. Gay and his wife, Kathleen Watkins, were in the county to promote this full colour brochure that has been produced by Donegal Tourism, along with a brand new app which has been newly designed to complement the website. Gay and Kathleen are no strangers to Donegal and have been visiting the county for many years now being the proud owners of a holiday home in the county.

Gay Byrne at Launch of Donegal Tourism Brochure and App


_MG_7174 (Custom)


_MG_7180 (Custom)


_MG_7181 (Custom)


_MG_7185 (Custom)


_MG_7187 (Custom)

_MG_7189 (Custom)

_MG_7195 (Custom)


_MG_7201 (Custom)


_MG_7220 (Custom)

_MG_7237 (Custom)

_MG_7246 (Custom)

_MG_7258 (Custom)

_MG_7266 (Custom)


_MG_7282 (Custom)

_MG_7286 (Custom)


_MG_7287 (Custom)


_MG_7292 (Custom)


_MG_7298 (Custom)

_MG_7293 (Custom)

_MG_7318 (Custom)

_MG_7339 (Custom)

_MG_7354 (Custom)

_MG_7358 (Custom)

_MG_7370 (Custom)

_MG_7384 (Custom)


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