Donegal – Irish Diaspora Conference


1916 … ‘she now seizes that moment … supported by her exiled children in America and by gallant allies in Europe’…


Now in it’s fifth year, the Donegal Irish Diaspora Conference has grown from strength to strength and is set to attract a full house this year again when it takes place on the 19 and Diaspora Conf 1320 May 2016 in Letterkenny.


Aideen Doherty, Area Manager with Donegal County Council has been involved in organising this conference since it was first held in 2012 and believes that this conference has become an important event in the county’s calender.


“It’s an opportunity for people with an interest in Donegal to connect, to reflect on our experiences as a county and to explore opportunities that can be had by linking in new ways with the global Donegal family.”


Plans for this year’s Diaspora Conference are well underway and given the year that is in it, the theme will focus on 1916.  The conference which is being hosted by Donegal County Council’s Diaspora Project in association with the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Centre for Irish Partnerships, will address a range of issues relating to 1916, the period, the legacy and the diaspora.



This year’s conference will include speakers from all over the world including Sir Tom Devine, Kevin Cullen, Michael Patrick McDonald, Professor Paul Arthur, Dr. Frank Talty, Dr. Breandán MacSuibhne, Dr. Éamonn Ó Ciardha and will be moderated by Victoria Denoon from the University of Massachusetts.


“Speakers will share their stories and their own research into 1916 and will address the history, experiences and the legacy of 1916 on the Irish diaspora and will focus especially on the profound impact and effect 1916 had on the countries they migrated to and on Ireland itself” says Aideen.

Diaspora Conf 10

“The aim of the conference is to give us an opportunity to explore connections for the next period and to consider how our diaspora can play a role.  The diaspora is a key resource for Ireland and indeed for Donegal and the impact that these people have had whether you look at it from an economic, political or cultural perspective has been considerable.”


This conference is being hosted by the Donegal Diaspora Project which has successfully reached out to the broad global community with a connection to Donegal or with an interest in some aspect of Donegal.  It will take place in Letterkenny Institute of Technology on 19 and 20 May 2016.  To book your place click here.


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Call: 074 93 73 743


It is estimated that are 70 million people of Irish descent (Source )



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