Donegal’s Archives have a ‘pack’ of information for you!

Niamh Brennan, County Archivist with Donegal County Council

Niamh Brennan, County Archivist with Donegal County Council

Donegal County Council’s Archives Service’s reputation for high quality themed study packs for students and teachers has grown since the service published its first pack, in 2006.

“The use of original archival material in the study of history enables students to learn the concept and significance of written evidence and can assist in developing a broad range of investigative and interpretive skills in students,” says County Archivist, Niamh Brennan.

The service also produces a range of excellent information packs for different sectors such as the Primary Schools Facsimile Pack, the Flight of the Earls and Ulster Plantation Packs and a new pack currently in preparation dealing with the Decade of Centenaries in Donegal.


Primary Schools Facsimile Pack

The Primary Schools’ History Curriculum requires use of primary sources by students, laying emphasis on the need for the child to ‘work as an historian’.

The Primary Schools Facsimile Pack was introduced with the goal of increasing knowledge of the importance of local archives in the study of local history, from a young age.

“The research facilities available in the Archives Service can only accommodate up to eight people at a time, therefore by producing high quality facsimiles of original archival material, archives can be introduced to young students in an alternative way and in a manner that causes no threat to the preservation of the documents. Themes in the pack are taken from the primary school curriculum and include: Homes and My Locality, Schools and Life in the Nineteenth Century,” she said.


Flight of the Earls and Ulster Plantation Packs

Flight of the Earls Education Pack

Flight of the Earls Education Pack

In 2007 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Flight of the Earls, the Archives Service produced a Document Study Pack for second level schools.

“The pack contains a selection of facsimiles of 16th and 17th century documents covering the events leading up to and following the Flight of the Earls of Tyrone and Tír Chonaill. It also contains a short history of the Flight, as well as worksheets”.

“The Ulster Plantation Study pack is aimed at second level schools, and provides an introduction to this crucial period in Irish history, including the major events surrounding the Plantation up to the arrival of Oliver Cromwell in Ireland in 1649. The pack includes facsimiles of original documents and related questions for students.”


The Decade of Centenaries in Donegal 1912 – 1923

Niamh and her team are currently working on their latest project.

“Donegal County Archives has begun its commemoration of what is known as the revolutionary period in recent Irish history by producing a document study pack aimed at second level schools. Entitled A Decade of Change: Donegal and Ireland, 1912 – 1923 the pack includes an illustrated booklet documenting the history of this period in Ireland from the introduction of home rule to the Civil War, focusing on Donegal in particular.

Niamh also revealed that the Archives Service, Heritage Office, County Museum and Library Service are currently working on a study pack for students and teachers on the subject of Donegal in 1916.


Key Facts

  • The Donegal County Archives is located at the Three Rivers Centre, Lifford, Co. Donegal
  • You can make an appointment to view collections by calling (074) 91 53900 or e-mail:
  • The Donegal County Archive holds the collections of Donegal’s local public bodies and also collections donated by private individuals and organisations which relate to the history and culture of the county.
  • Packs are available from the Archives Service, except for the Primary School Facsimile Pack which is available at


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