Final days of WWI Study Visit Programme

Saturday, June 15th and Sunday June 30th were the final two days of the World War I Study Visit Programme, both taking place in Fort Dunree.

Saturday 15th June was the first day the group had gotten together since their return from Belgium and the day got off to a great start with everyone catching up with each other.  When John restored order to the room, the first item on the agenda was to view a slideshow of photographs to summarise the trip taken by Joe Lynch before setting down to the job at hand of filling out question booklets, outling what has been done to share the learning since paricipants have returned from Belgium and what they plan to do before the year is out!

A quick coffee break followed where everyone indulged in a rememberance themed cake supplied by Rachael before launching

into an afternoon of Evaluation forms, Ian autographing copies of his poem (!), slide shows of photos of the trip compiled by Eugene and Brian, discussion around forming a group to continue on the sharing the learning after the programme end and presentation of certificates to all those who had participated.

Dunree Certificates

The day came to close with a (very) late lunch in the Laurentic Restaurant where the two romantics, George and Ian presented each of the women in the group with a red rose in thanks for being such good company!

The final official day of the World War I study visit was the Fort Dunree Commemoration Day on the afternoon of the 30th June 2013.  Most participants attended the remembrance service with many partaking in the service itself either by reading out the names of the dead from the Great War, laying a wreath or simply being there.  A fitting and dignified end to the Hands of History World War I Study Visit Programme.

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Remembrance Cake

Remembrance Cake


Two new programmes in the works


First we have the Epilogues Programme Invite.

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Also in news, we have available The Expression of Interest For Participation in Shared History Programme focusing on the Balkan Conflict.

Donegal County Council’s Hands of History Project are seeking participants for an innovative Shared History Programme focusing on the recent conflict in the Balkans and how the experiences of the various groups involved can be utilised to build peace and reconciliation between communities in Donegal and on a cross-border basis.  Central to this is a conflict transformation programme part delivered in the Balkan region. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please see our post containing all the details you may need to be one of the 21 people in the programme!  HERE!